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Ludum Dare 27 feature

Ludum Dare 27


I participated at Ludum Dare (give the game, in Latin), edition 27. It is a competition to create a game in 48 hours (in Brazil, from 10pm Friday till 10pm Sunday). The theme was “10 seconds”, but I refused to create an action game. It would be the most common approach. Rather, I created a strategy game.

In fact, there are 2 competitions: COMPO and JAM modes. The Jam allows you to bring a team and use pre-build stuff.You have to choose what mode you are going to compete. I didn’t know that was one OR the other, so I created a game in 48h and enhanced it in the next day.

Take a look. There are also some pictures from my design process.

But if you want to play it, download it!

EDIT 2021: all links are unavailable or broken