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Microsoft opening source feature

Microsoft opening source


Microsoft announced that they will make Visual Studio available for free for everyone, for every type of application. Paid versions would bring essentially better support, ideal for enterprises.

They are also tightening more and more to the open source world. They started to use GitHub (instead their own hosting service and version control systems), made public available general use programs, libraries and APIs. The JavaScript successor, TypeScript, is an internal creation. An open source C# compiler, Roslyn, is in the works.

Times are changing.

I believe they realized that Google and other vendor are gaining more and more traction by using an open approach. Giving people pieces that free and charge for premium services. The mass of new developers are now programming for web applications, with tools and environments that Microsoft products are not in a strong position. Everybody will win. They maintained the leadership in several software markets not by accident or luck. Their experience will benefit all the community.

Welcome aboard.

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Edited: the original article was found at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/somasegar/archive12/opening-up-visual-studio-and-net-to-every-developer-any-application-net-server-core-open-source-and-cross-platform-visual-studio-community-2013-and-preview-of-visual-studio-2015-and-net-2015.aspx