Wii U


Nintendo just presented to the world the new console, which, by the way, several details were already known.

Wii U. Is the name of the new console. The name is a reference of We and You. In the paper, the idea is nice but after a basic field test, it reveals to be a terrible choice. The president of Nintendo of America, Reggie, said that Nintendo is now going to pay attention to the individuality after so many years dedicated on generating the gaming culture to a multitude of public.

The main attractive of the new console is the controller. It has a big tablet-like screen that receive a video stream from the console (it does not process anything). This means that one cannot play their games during trips or even at the backyard. It must be close to the main machine. Another curios fact is one one of this new controller will work on each machine just because it is like displaying another game for another TV. It will bring interesting effects to in loco multiplayer games for sure.

Note: the golf wiimote+wii u controller demonstration is embarrassing. I imagine someone actually putting the screen at the floor to see the ball from above. OMG

Despite the obvious excitement of all Nintendo staff, the whole product is should be considered more as a Wii HD (it will finally output HD video and have more competitive processing power). I personally doubt that major games will support the new controller like WE MUST. The rationale is simple: its too costy to design a product with a so limited scope.

Games are expensive to make. And spreading your product to the wind, selling to all video games, computers, digitally and physically would reduce the risk. But if you can only sell to Wii U due the exclusive controller, it would quite risky. It is not a coincidence that Wii exclusives are generally small companies or small products. Unless developer companies start to develop similar functionalities using alternatives tablet/phone/computer combinations.

Wii u 81.jpg

I am particularly skeptical about this move. I always wondered about Wii and DS merged gameplay, but betting it will be the future is quite strange. Well, Nintendo has a great pedigree about gimmickry.

Bruno π•„π”Έπ•Šπ•Šπ”Έ