LD35 – Shape Shifters


Ludum Dare 35 theme is Shapeshift.

Think about chess. Simplify it. Make it fun.

Not available



  1. Choose a animal movement
  2. Choose the pawn you want to use the animal movement
  3. Choose the destination tile
  4. Once completed, the used animal movement be swapped with the neutral movement.

There are 10Β movements that are randomly selected for each match. Try to play with all of them!

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Note 1: the AI currently plays randomly.Β I was developing the proper AI but the time ran out. It will be included in an extended version.

Note 2: based on the board game called Onitama, byΒ Shimpei Sato.

Bruno π•„π”Έπ•Šπ•Šπ”Έ