10 years of experience in project management, corporate strategy modelling, planning, with particular focus on IT projects, data analysis and cloud.


Corporate Production Planning Analyst

Petrobras - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

January 2018 - Present

Corporate oil and gas production control analyst for all Petrobras, Brazil and abroad. Main attributions and achievements:

Reports to the Executive Board, press and investors

  • Responsible for all oil and gas production planning, performance reports and data analysis
  • Responsible for reporting relevant facts for corporate, market and government agencies
  • Responsible for custom data analysis, BI, and intelligence reports to the Executive Board

IT Project Management

  • Product Owner of all oil production management and control systems (scrum agile style)

Process Management

  • Responsible for defining process standards for planning
  • Process management and internal improvements to production planning and control processes for all the E&P sub-areas

Planning Analyst (South and Southeast)

Petrobras - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

January 2015 – December 2017

Analyst in the planning management of the South and Southeast, responsible for the consolidation of production, investments, and costs of offshore operations. Main attributions and achievements:

Production data analysis

  • Responsible for analyzing projections and creating a management report for the Executive Manager of E&P operations in the South / Southeast
  • Responsible for custom data analysis, SQL queries and insights
  • Responsible for optimizing maintenance schedule of oil platforms, managing critical resources

Investment portfolio control

  • Pre evaluation of investment projects for each gate and monitoring of the physical-financial S-Curves
  • Responsible for the risk tunnel simulator of the project portfolio, with pessimistic and optimistic scenarios

Project Management

  • Responsible for creating the real time Executive Production Panel, using agile SCRUM, from direct IOT oil platform sensors’ data


August 2011 – December 2014

Petrobras - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Project manager for the Implementation and Maintenance of Purchasing and Financial Systems. Main attributions and achievements:

Project Management

  • Project Manager / SCRUM Master of the new corporate travel system, interconnecting the SAP and Amadeus systems
  • Negotiation with system requirements with suppliers, mostly in English
  • Creation of weekly reports for Shared Services, HR, and finance on the progress of ongoing projects and survey of stakeholder needs
  • Portfolio manager for maintenance projects and improvements to the corporate travel system
  • Various contributions to the project office for best practices and standardizations, especially for pilot projects with agile methodology within the company

Process Management

  • Responsible for redesigning the process and corporate travel, with simplification, self-service model for request and accountability
  • Creation of a corporate standard on deadlines, budget limits and approval flow for corporate travel



University of Sao Paulo

2002 - 2008

  • President of the Centro Acadêmico Visconde de Cairú
  • 1 full semester in exchange program at Florida International University - FIU, with full scholarship


  • Fluent English
  • Spanish and Chinese at the executive level
  • Excel with VBA programming
  • BI executive panels and Big Data tools (SQL and Pyhton)
  • Solid knowledge of corporate finance
  • Negotiation and leadership to deal with teams and top executives
  • Domain of agile methodologies in project management
  • C#, Javascript, Python and R programming - PMI project management certification
  • Google Professional Cloud Architect certification
  • Google Data Analytics Professional certification
  • TOEFL certification (English)