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Linux on Notebook feature

Linux on Notebook


I like my notebook a lot. Lenovo did a great job assembling this piece of hardware, the Yoga 2 Pro, bought almost 2 years ago. Light, fast, portable, durable. It came with the weird Windows 8 and the last month it upgraded to Windows 10. It was really appreciated, because Win10 is definitively better and faster but also it is definitively the most invasive of privacy. I was getting more and more annoyed about Microsoft approach on Windows.

In fact, I’m currently in a vibe of doing things by myself to preserve privacy and enhance my general experience, personalizing things.

The main reason that I have to use Windows is mostly games: both playing and making them. But the current investment of Valve to bring it’s Steam gaming platform to Linux and Unity finally building a Linux editor, I was getting much more comfortable testing new things…

Kubuntu 15 10 3.jpg

At the same time, I started to read very good comments about the new line of KDE kits. KDE, the one desktop environment that I like the most, is reinventing itself again, it major focus on performance. Performance enough to aim into mobile space, they say. It grabbed my attention.

In a leap of faith, I removed the Windows license and installed a brand new Kubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf, currently in beta, to check this out

Kubuntu 15 10 2.jpg

What a cool experience! I’m still rediscovering it, but it is going well so far. KDE is really much faster and more responsive. The app selection is more robust and solves most of the problems out of the box. It lacks a better online app store that the ordinary and very unappealing repos tough.

I’m not going to, for now, give a final impression, because it is a beta phase for Kubuntu and me too. There are too mane quirks to ignore, but It can be just matter of getting used to. Maybe after a month I will close an opinion about it.