Fuzzy Nation, by John Scalzi


Fuzzy Nation is a great story about fighting for what is right, and getting a personal revenge in the way. Scalzi created a very funny story about a underdog fighting against all odds and powerful enemies.

Jack Holloway is anti hero. You can think of him like Han Solo working as lawyer. He is a former lawyer that was expelled from the job for a not-that-clear facts, losing a very important case on purpose, it seemed. He became then a geologist freelancer in a very distant planet, scanning for underground for mineral richness. In the way, he discovered a very different thing. And it puts him in a position to work back as a lawyer, fighting against the former employer, that are no short on money and resources.

Fuzzy nation 2.jpg

Holloway is clever. But this is one of the main complains I had. Holloway is so clever that you cannot follow that he is thinking. It is, in fact, intentional. The book hides the inner thoughts of Holloway in order to deliver some surprising turns in the story. But sometimes it makes you feel a mere passenger.

Despite any complains, it is a solid title. I loved to read it and totally recommend. I would not be surprised if it gets a movie adaptation eventually.

My Rating:8★★★★★★★★
Goodreads: 4.07