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Long Games that I Have Never Finished feature

Long Games that I Have Never Finished


[Edit: I pressed publish by accident. Some games added]

Length is an important variable for a video game. It is a bit curious, because for the similar prices, even the shortest game will be much longer than a movie. But among its peers, games do have a scale.

Many companies advertise the amount of hours to finish their games. There is even a great website called, you guessed it, GameLenghts that tracks how long users take to finish the game. There is a second site, and my favorite in the market, called How Long to Beat, that I feel more complete.

Bigger is not Better.

Most games suffer from a syndrome that most players never reaches the end of it. Sometime not even half of it. Many games do have achievements triggered when the player crosses the line. I currently have being playing some short games that I felt much more fulfilling. Some let me wanting more. But honestly I feel that wanting more is a better feeling “this game never ends!”.

I believe the story driven games should have a more concise length. It could be delivered in chunks, for those that want more. Open-world games, like GTA and Skyrim/Fallout, are understandably really long, allowing the players explore various things.

Here is a list of some games that I personally never finished.

And the list goes on…

In a list of more the 200 games I own and played, it is comparatively short list. Most of them are long games.

In bold, some that I try to play it again in the future, mostly because there are some that I liked so far, and I feel shame in not getting it to the final. I wanted to say that the others will be played in the future, but knowing that I will buy newer games, it is not honest with myself πŸ˜›

(1) Edited on 2021-09-20: Finished!

(2) Edited on 2023-03-09: Finished Skyrim at last!