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My Experience with Angular JS feature

My Experience with Angular JS


There are several months now that I started to program using the Google’s Angular JS libraries. For those that do not know it, it is a way to write web applications that are very interactive, interconnecting the user interface with JavaScript. Not simple to explain.

I tried jQuery long ago when developing for Drupal and for my personal enterprises, but I was very laborious to make it automatically respond to user interaction, in a passive (and always alert) way. Angular was just about to solve it.

Primarily, it was a pain to fully understand its concepts and methods. I spent weeks to write some prototypes. One of the major complains is debugging. It always logs cryptic messages, with full stack of weird functions and codes. I was never able to figure out what is the line of my code that is causing trouble or what is the function I wrote that is missing an important parameter, or whatever.

Angular parse and interpolates HMTL and JavaScript, in a dynamic way that it sometimes break before it can generate a nice error output. I have never played with its major competitors, React and Ember, but I honestly doubt that it is much different there.

Once I got better at it, I had a really good experience. I recommend you to use Angular JS and also Google’s Material Design Angular library in your own web app.