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Linux on Notebook Experiment Failed (for now) feature

Linux on Notebook Experiment Failed (for now)


I could not make it last. Farewell Ubuntu. I tried to convert to Linux my Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 laptop. Mostly because I was not using any particular Windows software and I have a particular pro-FLOSS interest. The lack of drivers and weird behaviors was taking too much of my time. I had to switch back to Windows 10 in order to make it a bearable experience. It is a major step back in my personal goal to make my life fully libre and grátis software world.


Among the problems I faced:


Steambox 2.jpg

But there was not only drawbacks. There were some nice points to highlight:

Of course the drawbacks surpassed the pros for me. But I think that it could change in a future, with newer Linux/KDE versions and better hardware vendor support.