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Game List 2021


Last year I published a post of my played games, but the title was mistakenly named Media List 2020. It was a games list so this year it was properly named. This year I wrote much less about each individual game, so I dedicated a small space to comment on each entry.

By far, the most important game I played was Cyberpunk 2077. At least, it was supposed to be the most loved and commented game. Whatever, here is a list of games of all games I played this year.

2021-01-13: Totally forgot to include both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1.


Not finished yet (for one reason or another)

Many projects barely begun. Installed to test, but mostly in limboβ€”WIP or collecting dust. Unfinished tales of exploration and hesitation.

Not finished yet (still from previous years)

Yet, there are some games that I did not quit definitively, but they are still to be played (therefore, not yet rated). A few are installed even still.

Continuous playing

I play them eventually. Most of them are strategy games.

Next games on my radar

Finally, here is a list of games that I already have in my collection that I plan to play in the next months.