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Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order feature

Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order is a mouthful sub-titled titled title. I don’t particularly like this cascading naming convention, but it’s rather common in big franchises. Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and Pokémon all suffer from this.

So, EA published another Star Wars game. The default expectation is a TRASH game loop with microtransactions and paid loot. Battlefront 2 and FIFA will not let me lie…

But this one was… good!

I got it “for free” in the Amazon Prime deal. My original intention was to get both “free” shipping and streaming service for a fixed and low monthly fee. But they do give some video games for free too. And they are eventually good games. After activation in the yet-another-game-launcher Origin launcher, I decided to give it a try.

TLDR: it has all the mediocre elements of recent games. But the visuals and gameplay hooked me. I liked it very much.

How to parry in star wars jedi fallen order feature.jpg


The main protagonist is bland. Another white impetuous generic dude. The amnesia trope was also employed here. The guy, once fully skilled, now have to relearn everything.

The companions, however, are much more varied. They are never very relevant to the plot, nor do we participate in their journeys, but they add a great flavor to the story. Particularly the pilot Greez: funny, warm-hearted but scared little creature. And, of course, your droid companion. The villains are good. Some are visually memorable like the Ninth Sister. Some are, like Malicos, those type that appears, brags, and dies. Next.

The general assortment of goons is the stars of the show. From low-rank troopers to big machines, monsters, and fallen Jedis, the list is varied throughout the whole game. They provoke fear and anxiety and relaxation. They generally do not talk or express any particular personality, but all portray a very specific role.

The appearance of iconic characters is definitively a high point to mention. But no spoilers here.

Fallen order dathomir.jpg


Not much to add beyond what you can see in screenshots and trailers. The game is gorgeous. EA at least has to be praised in this regard: despite being bad games, all recent SW games are visually stunning. Squadrons, another Amazon free game that I’m still playing, is also amazing.


The main core loop is great. In the Metroidvania style, maps are presented but inaccessible until the player acquires some special ability. It implies that, when acquired, the player must revisit the same areas over and over again. There is a kind of fast travel mechanism, but the travel points are sparse and will still require some time traversing.

The combat is challenging. Being a Jedi presupposes being a god-like fighter. The game gives the player enough abilities to make one feel powerful but not overpowering. Even on late levels, it’s possible to lose health fighting goons. Health is important to face bosses and harder enemies.

Boss encounters do not change the general gameplay in any big way, which is a plus. You fight using the same muscle memory developed until it. There is always the annoying pre-cutscene that will be played over and over if you die a lot in these fights.

Visiting 5 different planets gives the scenery a great variation, even being particularly different regarding the traversal challenges. Ice planet, fire planet, vegetation planet, futurist planet/installation, underground… And all are beautiful to look at.

Star wars jedi fallen order review 9.jpg


I got it for free, but I would pay for it if necessary. The game is fun, front and foremost. The story is a bit lacking, and the protagonist is definitively lacking but when I finished, I even tried to complete some extra objectives to extend the experience.

My Rating: 8★★★★★★★★
Metacritic: 81

Game List 2021

Last year I published a post of my played games, but the title was mistakenly named Media List 2020. It was a games list so this year it was properly named. This year I wrote much less about each individual game, so I dedicated a small space to comment on each entry.

By far, the most important game I played was Cyberpunk 2077. At least, it was supposed to be the most loved and commented game. Whatever, here is a list of games of all games I played this year.

2021-01-13: Totally forgot to include both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1.


  • 3 out of 10 Season 1 (7★★★★★★★): the self-mocking humor is funny, but the gameplay is monotonous.
  • Abzû (6★★★★★★): Underwater abstract exploration. Due to the short length, it was ok.
  • Battlefield 1 (9★★★★★★★★★): the best in the series. The split stories, all good, allowed me to explore multiple gameplays.
  • Battlefield 4 (6★★★★★★): awful. The invincible hero trope to the last moment. Cinematic after cinematic.
  • Control (7★★★★★★★): it was on my wish list for quite some time, then Epic gave it for free. However, I must admit it was a bit off for me. The weird story never fulfilled me, and the levels and flow were a bit repetitive. My impression is that Jesse, the protagonist, was at the same time omniscient and suffering from amnesia. Dr. Casper Darling (played by Matthew Porretta) was a fun character though.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 (7★★★★★★★) I enjoyed quite a lot. Finished every single quest. Still, expectations were higher.
  • Gunpoint (8★★★★★★★★): quick, easy, and charming puzzle-platformer.
  • Hyper Light Drifter (5★★★★★): loved by many. Not me. Hard and confusing, despite beautiful. I gave up.
  • Imperialism 2 (8★★★★★★★★): finally played to the end the other day. The clunky old graphics and controls get a bit in the way.
  • Little Nightmares (7★★★★★★★)Little Nightmares (8★★★★★★★★) (as watcher): I’ve made my wife play this, a bit every night. Despite the lack of gamer’s finger coordination, she did fine and loved it. We will definitively play the second installment eventually.
  • Offworld Trading Company (7★★★★★★★)(campaign mode): the campaign mode lacks openness and does not add a great story to compensate.
  • Quadrilateral Cowboy (7★★★★★★★): this very quirky game about hacking and programming. Very experimental, both for visual and gameplay.
  • Tell Me Why (8★★★★★★★★): my wife played this game with me. She loved the theme, but she really sucks with the camera controls. We talked about the themes and storylines for weeks. I decided to be by her side to help her play the amazing Life is Strange because she was liking the game but associated it with mental gymnastics to just make the character walk.
  • Tharsis (6★★★★★★): a survival digital board game. We have to manage action points, mitigate bad dice rolls and survive for about 5 turns. Short and agonizing.
  • Watch Dogs 2 (8★★★★★★★★): after playing a couple of Ubisoft open-world games lately (1 FarCry, and 2 Assassin’s Creed in just the last 2 years), I was expecting the same generic main protagonist and blend story. But I genuinely liked this entry. Marcus is a likable dude and despite the exaggerated characterization of hackers, it had several storylines right.

Not finished yet (for one reason or another)

Many projects barely begun. Installed to test, but mostly in limbo—WIP or collecting dust. Unfinished tales of exploration and hesitation.

  • 3 out of 10 Season 2 (7★★★★★★★): the same as the first season. Funny and awkward. About to finish.
  • A Plague Tale Innocence (8★★★★★★★★): beautiful production. Played just the first couple of levels.
  • Assassin’s Creed 3: It’s a big cut scene with some on-rails gameplay. Hated so far. :(
  • Astrologaster (8★★★★★★★★): indie small game. Crazy humor. I liked it very much so far.
  • Blair Witch (7★★★★★★★): did not care much about the lore, but it’s a nice horror game.
  • Black Mesa (8★★★★★★★★): the official/non-official Half-Life 1 remake. The original one I did not play at the time. This remake is superb!
  • Crying Suns (7★★★★★★★): very similar to FTL, with a delightful story and context. My current run is in Chapter 4 and about to finally finish.
  • Doki Doki Literature Club: not my style, but I heard so many good things about it that I’m intrigued.
  • Ghostrunner (7★★★★★★★): 3D puzzle game action game. Think about 3D Super Meat Boy.
  • Gris (8★★★★★★★★): beautiful first level.
  • Heaven’s Vault (7★★★★★★★): highly anticipated game, played a bit and liked the story so far. As far I can tell, there is space for multiple run-throughs to explore all possible branches (not sure if I would do it).
  • Just Cause 4 (7★★★★★★★): repetitive like its predecessor. But it was crashing too many times. Hardly coming back.
  • Observation (7★★★★★★★): excellent storytelling, despite the clunky controls.
  • Overcooked 2 (8★★★★★★★★): my family loved it, and I’m trying to play the campaign with my wife
  • Snake Pass (5★★★★★): 3D puzzle game, installed to play with my nephews, but its controllers, and especially the camera, are too clunky and annoying.
  • Supraland (8★★★★★★★★): from nowhere, this game is surprisingly hard and much longer than I anticipated. Still, I’m loving the sarcastic tone and the bucketload of jokes.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (8★★★★★★★★): the best game in the series. 4 cases with somewhat similar mechanics and styles. Just one to go.
  • The Stillness of the Wind: installed.
  • Unravel Two (8★★★★★★★★): still to finish with my wife. She struggles to use the joystick, but this game is quite forgiving, due to the slow pace. The light story allows infrequent plays.
  • Wilmot s Warehouse: it works. It’s all that I can tell so far.
  • XII: installed, played 2 levels. Unique style but old controls.

Not finished yet (still from previous years)

Yet, there are some games that I did not quit definitively, but they are still to be played (therefore, not yet rated). A few are installed even still.

  • Baba Is You (7★★★★★★★): played some levels. To the second or third “world”, if I remember. SUPER clever.
  • Bad North (7★★★★★★★): nice but I still have to give it more time to shine.
  • Detention (7★★★★★★★): I was far in this indie horror game. I think I formatted the HD and lost the saved game.
  • Else Heart Break: it’s working. It’s all that I know
  • Everspace (6★★★★★★): FTL in 3D. You command a ship that has to fight, explore and trade point to point, in a similar fashion to the famous indie game. I liked it but did not love it. Probably I am not continuing to play.
  • FAR: Lone Sails (5★★★★★): I liked the concept, but I felt lacking.
  • GRID 2 (7★★★★★★★): played A LOT. Top-tier racing games. Beautiful, despite the age.
  • Hand of Fate 2: I liked the first game, despite the flaws. This second installment is more complete at every level. I shall play it. I’ve read the developer closed doors.
  • Kentucky Route Zero: this acclaimed game I was super excited to try.
  • Shadow Tactics (8★★★★★★★★): I really liked the thinking of this game. It’s definitively one that I will try to complete sooner than later.
  • SOMA (6★★★★★★): I haven’t given it time to blossom, but I was not utterly involved either.
  • Subnautica (7★★★★★★★): it took me time to understand the whole open concept. But a saved save was lost, and I’m not in the mood to retry it.
  • Sunless Sea (6★★★★★★). The procedurally generated world is amazing, but this was not my cup of tea. Probably I am not continuing to play.
  • Superhot Mind Control Delete (7★★★★★★★): played several levels already, yet to finish.
  • The Pillars of the Earth: loved the book. I barely started the game, so maybe it should not be here.
  • The Quiet Sleep (8★★★★★★★★): in this weird indie game, you play the internal mind of a troubled guy during 3 scenarios.
  • War of Mine (8★★★★★★★★): I’m far in my third play-through, but I’m still to see the game credits.
  • Witness (7★★★★★★★): quite adorable. Some puzzles are difficult and make you feel smart. Yet, the lack of pressure makes it an eternal secondary game. It’s also difficult to put it in a “continuous play” category because you need to know at what point are you.

Continuous playing

I play them eventually. Most of them are strategy games.

  • A Total War Saga: TROY (8★★★★★★★★): One of the Epic Store exclusives (for a time), it impressed me. I’m about to finish my first campaign, playing the Amazons.
  • Cities Skylines (8★★★★★★★★): After my friend mentioned that he was lost hours and hours designing his hometown, I reinstalled it and started to lose hours and hours too.
  • Democracy 3 (8★★★★★★★★): always in Vogue.
  • Hidden Folks (7★★★★★★★): success with small kids and non-gamers alike
  • RimWorld (8★★★★★★★★): MUCH more complex than Prison Architect, offered a great variety of procedural content. I did not finish a single play-through, but it’s really special.
  • Rome Total War (8★★★★★★★★): I played a lot last year. But it’s quite a long game. Once I finish it once, I might close it once and for all. The Troy is heavier but ultimately better in every aspect.
  • Scythe (9★★★★★★★★★): the award-winning board game that I still have to give a beginning-to-end match.
  • Stelaris (7★★★★★★★): slow-paced super broad space strategy. The sense of exploration is still amazing
  • Surviving Mars (7★★★★★★★): a loved board game that I played a couple of matches solo. I was not hooked, but I may still give it another try.
  • Ticket to Ride (9★★★★★★★★★): played online with family and friends. Always a success.
  • Wingspan (9★★★★★★★★★): immediate success with my family and friends. Special mention to my 6-year-old nephew’s comment: “It’s the best game I ever played”. He was assisted and played quite well.

Next games on my radar

Finally, here is a list of games that I already have in my collection that I plan to play in the next months.

  • Hitman: I’ve never finished Contracts, but just because I was obsessed with being perfect. I hope to play more relaxed this one.
  • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: hope to be better than the 3.
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (7★★★★★★★): liked the first title, Deus Ex: Human Revolution (8★★★★★★★★). I hope to like this one too.
  • We Are There Together: I bought to play with my wife using the family feature on Steam (she shares all my games). However, it is not included in the Play Together, so I am required to buy it twice. 😐 Trying to convince another soul to play with me.
  • Heavy Rain: I will play this critically acclaimed story-driven game from Quantic Dream with my wife.
  • Beyond: Two Souls (8★★★★★★★★): another story to play accompanied.

Movie List 2021

Just a list of movies that I’ve seen this pandemic year.

  1. Be Kind Rewind
  2. Best in Show
  3. Borat
  4. Borat Subsequent Movie
  5. Bridesmaids
  6. Coming 2 America
  7. Cruela
  8. Don’t Look Up
  9. Enola Holmes
  10. I Care a Log
  11. I’m Thinking of Ending Things
  12. Incendies
  13. Judas and the Black Messiah
  14. Lady and the Tramp
  15. Last Knights
  16. Live Twice, Love Once
  17. Mank
  18. Minari
  19. News of the World
  20. Okja
  21. Radioactive
  22. Roma
  23. Shadow
  24. Sound of Metal
  25. Sound of Silence
  26. The Chamber
  27. The Dig
  28. The Father
  29. The Informer
  30. The King
  31. The Midnight Sky
  32. The Trial of the Chicago 7
  33. Us
  34. Wasp Network
  35. White Tiger


  1. American Factory
  2. Honeyland


  1. A Cat in Paris
  2. Luca
  3. Soul
  4. Your name


  1. Loki (S1)
  2. Mandalorian (S1, S2)
  3. Morning Show (S1)
  4. Queen’s Gambit (S1)
  5. Ted Lasso (S1 S2)
  6. The Spy (S1)
  7. This is Us (S1)
  8. Tiger King (S1)
Rating Badge feature

Rating Badge

As a programmer and businessman, I try to organize the world. So, I created a unified Rating page consolidating all reviews that I did. Games, board games, books, movies, and TV shows.

For a few of them, I wrote a full blog post. But most of I did not. That was driving me crazy. I often mention the same games/movies on multiple posts. When it happens to a piece of art that I did not previously review, I felt pressure to do so. I even might do so, but now it’s not required anymore. Now the non-reviewed-but-rated are properly acknowledged. And I shall have consistency.

I’m going to scan, in the next few days, all previous blog posts to cross reference, but the main step was done.


Also, in a similar vein to the previous post, Rating Art, I decided to give my ratings a more visual appeal. For now, besides the numeric 0-10 rating, it will show the according to the number of stars.

Watch Dogs 2 feature

Watch Dogs 2

What a surprise! After playing several Ubisoft open-world games lately, I was expecting another result of a generic and repetitive side quest generator with a superficial storyline over it.

I was a bit reluctant to start WD2. I read that the original title was overpromised and under-delivered. The second one flew on my radar at the time. Recently I got it through the Epic free game initiative. Then I read some reviews and comments from the launch time and there were good ones. So I decided to check it out. Not without flaws, I enjoyed the time, the story, and the gameplay.

Likable Protagonist

Far Cry 3 presented the very iconic and infinite memerable villain Vaas Montenegro. However, the Ubisoft writing team struggles to create memorable protagonists. I cannot name a single great protagonist in Far Cry and most Assassin’s Creed (old and new entries) are plain boring. AC3’s Ezio Salvatore da Firenze is the top of mind. AS Odyssey’s Kassandra was nice, despite being put in a split role with her unnecessary male version Alexios.

The player spends hours living the life of another person that she/he cares so little about. It’s sad really.

Watch dogs 2 marcus.jpg

Marcus Holloway is a new entry on the likable protagonist list. Optimist, clever and lighthearted. His motivations seem reasonable and believable. However, there is a cognitive dissonance playing Marcus as an armed gangster, shooting at police and mob armies. From start to finish, all cutscenes present him, as well the other members of the DedSec crew, as non-violent watchdogs. People that fight to preserve individual liberties and respect life and diversity. Using machine guns to kill everybody on site feels wrong. I tried to play as much as possible in the way I understood the character: low profile, clever hacker.

For the rest of the crew, it’s a mixed bag. The only one that will definitively stick in my mind is the masked engineer Wrench. Horatio, the guy that works on Goog… Nudle becomes relevant. The rest is the rest.

For villains and NPCs, none are worth mentioning. The main villain, Dušan, is both an idiot and annoying.


The hacker theme is presented as the usual Hollywood cliché. Type furiously into the notebook and any bank account in the world is yours!

However, the overall universe is set using several references to popular culture. Movies, music, and video games are often mentioned by characters. Some are more obscure, but most of the time these references are more common sense. For those that know them, they are quite fun. For those that do not, is an exotic flavor.

Some references are less subtle: There is a search engine and maps company called Nudle. A rocket launcher Galilei commanded by a millionaire much like SpaceX. I linked the main villain company, Blume, as Microsoft, but it’s my own thing.

Watch Dogs 2 does not take the story and theme too seriously. There is even a good dose of self-mockery about being a hacker/programmer. It’s not like FarCry’s Blood Dragon over-the-topness. WD2 translates complex problems into smaller bites to make them more accessible and fun to a broad audience.

Golden gate.jpg


As I said before, it is possible to be Rambo and shoot everybody. Like GTA, you will attract police attention and will die, respawn and try again. But I feel that is not the way it’s meant to be played™. Harder, but more satisfying, is avoiding direct conflict and using gadgets and powers to sneak. The same could be said for old Assassin’s Creed games (the new ones embrace direct combat as pillars).

The hacking abilities are more useful for small interventions, like distracting guards, than creating mayhem. Hacking citizens’ phones in the streets are fun for 10 minutes, then becomes quite useless. Event robbing their bank accounts, money in general, becomes irrelevant mid-game, after upgrading Marcus’ drones.

Most puzzles are repetitive, but fun mini-game.

In the end, the core mechanics are solid. Open-world games tend to be repetitive, but WD2 scrambles the same basic mechanics offering variety.

Watch dogs 2 4.webp

My Rating: 8★★★★★★★★
Metacritic: 75